UndeadRun Web Launch

We are happy to announce the latest launch for browser of UndeadRun, a simple shooting game where you will be the hero while shooting and slicing enemies in a city crawling with zombies and obstacles. You must to be ready to fight against the king of the living dead and destroy everything on your path! Battle on the streets, highways and piers. Use guns, swords and fire to kill zombie hordes and collect the spoils of war left behind to upgrade your weapons and abilities to become a lethal hero.

Try it here!!


Banana Kong Release For Android

This past December 4er, Gamaga ltda in collaboration with the big german publisher FDG Entertaiment, officially launched the Android version of our beloved Gorilla, Banana Kong on Google Play. From now on, android players around the world will have the chance to enjoy of our gorilla in their devices.

Enjoy the ride!


Banana Kong reaches 5 million downloads!

Last week our endless runner reached a major milestone: Five million players around the world have downloaded Banana Kong and the count still goes on! FIVE MILLION of you have supported us since launch day in January and we sincerely want to thank you all, this has literally been a wild ride and we're thrilled so many of you are enjoying it and sharing it with us. We've been increasingly trying to get involved with our players and your response has constantly surprised and motivated the team. This event only means we will continue to work hard to improve the game for all our new audiences.We want to thank our partner and publisher FDG Entertainment for giving us this amazing experiencie! Bananas Players!


Banana Kong reaches a million in two days!

It has been an eventful couple of weeks for Banana Kong: Its first ever content update was released, it has also gotten 5 stars in the app store and we've organized a crazy deal for a limited amount of time to celebrate the appearance of the new hats, parachutes and underwater area. But apparently the exciting news are not over and, at least this one caught us off guard: Our beloved endless runner has reached ONE MILLION downloads in two days. ONE MILLION people around the world! We lack of words to thank our partner and publisher FDG Entertaiment and each and every one of you for the interest and support you've shown for our work in this game and we hope you continue to enjoy it!

Banana Players!


Operate now launches two new games!

Our series of surgery games continues to expand like a virus with two new titles: Appendix Surgery and Skin Surgery, available to play from the A10.com website. Taking the role of the doctor in Skin Surgery, help your patient Casey recover from an accident that left her leg injured, performing a sking transplant on the wound. In appendix surgery, Tara has come to you suffering from pains in her stomach and you, with the help of the nurse, must remove her appendix which is causing an infection in her body. We make our surgery games for those with a strong stomach, so if you're up to the challenge, try them out now while they're hot!