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Our mission:

To give the best creative minds the power to create their best work and have a positive impact on millions of people.



Rodrigo (Rod) Contreras. Passionate and well-known chilean entrepeneur, founder of one of the most successful videogame companies in Chile. Over 15 years of experience developing games and more than 50 titles produced and released. Has lead Gamaga team for over a decade, starting with only a three people team and turning it into a +30 professionals development studio. Creative Director of Banana Kong, mobile game that reached Top 1 in Apple and Google store for months and over 200 million downloads. Executive Producer of Operate Now Hospital, a successful surgery and hospital management simulator that reached over US$50 millions in revenues.


Fernanda Contreras.  Gamaga Co-Founder and advocate for the company's culture and development. Spokeswomen at multiple national and international business events including the global economy summit in 2020, she is a leading presence in the Chilean video game development industry. Featured in the 2018 book "Women in Gaming: 100 Professionals of Play" Fernanda is known for her dedication to creating equal opportunities for women and inspiring entrepreneurs to dare to create their own startups and video game projects.


Creative Director

Bryan Salt has worked on the cutting edge of games, technology and entertainment for the last 30 years, he has published over 50 titles with household names and world-class IP's. He was an influential pioneer in real-time 3d and Virtual Reality in the early '90s, and was heavily involved in the first 3d games and 3d engines for mobile phones, co-authoring several global patents. In 2001 He led the creative team that shaped the direction for the first global standard for 3d on mobile phones, adopted by manufacturers across the globe. In 2014 he was awarded China’s Innovation and Entrepreneur title for his groundbreaking work in 3D printing. Bryan remains active in the startup community, mentoring the successful technology education company Seguel Robotics.

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