Work at Gamaga

Gamaga is all about family and looking after its team. We offer special perks to all employees and always welcome new talent.


Time to celebrate your birthday? You totally should! All Gamagers get to take that day off to be with friends and family.

Lunch and snack bar

You can´t work on an empty stomach. We keep a fully stocked pantry and offer home made lunch to all Gamagers.

5 administrative days

Last minute emergency? We got your back. Gamagers get 5 days paid by the company in case of emergencies or the need to attend personal matters.

Health and Life insurance

We want you to stay safe, but when you need that extra coverage Gamaga provides both health and life insurance.

Self improvement

Want to learn and grow? Gamaga supports its team and is commited to balancing your  personal development with company requirements.

Gym co-payment

Hitting the Gym? Gamaga helps cover part of those monthly payments so you can focus on staying fit and healthy.

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Founded in 2009, Gamaga is one of Chile`s leading independent game companies. Be it on PC, Console or mobile, we specialize in developing games with significant creation value and solid return on investment for our numerous clients. Discover our games and join the millions of other players who enjoy our products and form our Gamager Community.