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Welcome to the most realistic hospital simulation game dedicated to animals.


Operate Now: Animal Hospital is an intense surgery simulator and time management game (dash). This animal game allows you to perform realistic surgical performances as a day-to-day vet would do. Besides operations, it is your duty to run and manage the hospital. All aspects come to light: Animal care, Staff Management, Build & design, and amazing storylines.

Get the chance to operate pets (cats, dogs) & wild animals such as tigers and become the best vet surgeon in the world. If you want to be an animal doctor, vet, or simply love animal rescue, you are in the right spot!


“During the 6 years working with Gamaga what stands out the most is the great communication we have during the whole project. Good discussions and brainstorming have always lead them to deliver a consistently high quality product, ideal for our business needs.”  

Michael Louw, Spil Games.

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