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Are you Cobra Kai? Or Miyagi-Do?

Choose your path in the official mobile game, Cobra Kai: Card Fighter! Train your students in single-player story mode or challenge friends and foes alike in PvP multiplayer tournament mode. In Cobra Kai: Card Fighter players must build their dojo, recruit familiar faces from the hit series, and train them to become All Valley Champions!


Using cards based on a variety of karate punches, kicks, and throws, along with special attacks and combos for each fighter, Cobra Kai: Card Fighter offers a unique combination of fighting action and strategy. Between bouts players can head back to the dojo to train, build decks, level up belt ranking, and customize characters and cards to show off how far their fighters have come.


Cobra Kai: Card Fighter is based on the hit streaming series, Cobra Kai.

It's part Collectible Card Game, part turn-based Fighting Game, and all awesome.

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